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In summer 1546 Emperor Charles V was preparing to go to war against the Protestant princes. What is today known as the Schmalkaldic war became the first religious conflict on German soil and culminated with the battle of Mühlberg. It took place on April 24, 1547 and ended with a complete defeat of the Schmalkaldic army and the capture of the Saxon Elector.


At Mühlberg, Charles V. reached the apex of his power. With a permanent exhibition on the battle of Mühlberg the Museum Mühlberg 1547 offers fascinating insights into the play of powers in the early 16th century.

The modern display was reopened in 2015 and gives extensive background on the warring parties as well as on the soldiers who took part in the battle. Various media installation allow visitors to look at the conflict from different perspectives.

The museum is part of the Central German Places of the Reformation and was awarded the European Heritage Label. It currently carries out essential preparations to add Charles’ V. Central German route to the Network of European Cultural Routes of Charles V.

The Museum Mühlberg 1547 is located in Klosterstraße 9, 04931 Mühlberg/Elbe, Germany and is open:
All year
Tue – Sun 10.00 – 5.00 pm (Apr – Sept till 6.00 pm)

Please also notes two special events this year:

Who gave in April 1547 the crucial advantage to the catholic league under Emperor Charles V. and in consequence helped the Emperor to win the battle of Mühlberg? It was Bathel Strauchmann, a young crofter from Mühlberg, who was later blamend a traitor for his actions. What does he have to tell of the days of the battle, of dramatic scenes or legend connected to the Elector Johann Friedrich of Saxony, Emperor Charles V, Landgrave Philipp of Hesse, or Duke Moritz of Saxony? Bartholomäus Strauchmann will give his view on the battle days during a guided tour in the Museum Mühlberg 1547, dressed in his typical garb and after a traditional greeting. During the tour guests are invited to taste the “Strauchelwasser”, a liquor named after the guide, and have the opportunity to visit the remains of one of the oldest distilleries in today’s Brandenburg.

  • Guided Tour

September 11th 2022 2.00 pm
November 25th 2022 5.00 pm

  • Historical Re-enactment

April 23 – 30th
Brandenburg, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt
Falkenberg, Mühlberg, Bleesern Stud Farm
Historical Re-Enactment
Emperor Charles ride from Mühlberg to Bleesern near Wittenberg