The museum as an extracurricular place of learning

Every year over 12.000 children and young adults, organised in school classes or confirmation groups experience the different offers of the cultural education of the Foundation Luther Memorial on three spots – Eisleben, Mansfeld and Wittenberg.


The children and young adults learn to write with pen and ink, produce friendship books in tradition of the historic poetry albums „Alba Amicorum“, they learn about the herbs in Melanchthon’s garden. They go on a rally via App, develop storybooks and scripts for little cartoons, they discuss about the human soul. They play mumble like little Martin in Mansfeld or visit workshops of old craft techniques like jewelry making. Or there is a birthday party in the luther house together with Tölpel – Luther’s dog. Also heavy subjects are discussed like in Luther’s death house in Eisleben –center on disease, age, dying and death.

More and more children and teenagers are visiting the museums and they all have different and interesting questions and wishes. And the teams of the cultural education are happy to create new, attractive and actual offers for them. The increasing demand for it is the best confirmation. The mixture of entertainment and stimulating knowledge enrichment leads to an important and individual learning result.

A very special and exciting project of history in a museum is the format of the hands-on exhibition. Experiencing, making, touching and trying out with all senses – interaction is in focus.
The foundation started this attractive concept for the first time with „Pop up Cranach“ in 2015. Since 2017 „The monk did it“ has run successfully. In this hands-on exhibition Luther’s dog Tölpel brings the little guests back to the events around the nailing of the 95 thesis.

At the moment two exciting and interesting hands-on exhibtions about the German language as means of communication are offered to the visitors. Both places - Eisleben with „Raus mit der Sprache“ and Wittenberg with „Tatort 1522 – the escape game to the luther bible“ are dealing with Luther as the powerful language creator and the translation of the new testament and are also offering team discoveries and fun.

The foundation is actually planning a new hands-on exhibtion about the peasant war and also the future permanent exhibtion in the luther house will have an attractive interactive part – that is for sure.