The Route of Jan Hus: Relay Pilgrimage

4 days, 3 nights, a distance of 250 km, adults, grandparents, children, teenagers, cyclists, pilgrims and several dogs - all these people (and animals) took part in this year's relay pilgrimage of The Route of Jan Hus starting on 3 July and ending on 6 July 2021.


The first group set out on Saturday morning the 3rd of July from the Bethlehem Chaple in Prague. Relaying the flag with The Route of Jan Hus logo from one person to another, we've walked 250 km through beautiful Czech landscapes all the way to the City of Bärnau in Germany where we arrived on 6 July - Jan Hus Day. The flag was carried day and night over Czech mountains, valleys, castles and picturesque towns.

The whole event required active cooperation from willing pilgrims and organisers, Mrs. Lenka Křížková and Mrs. Karolína Duschková from the Regional Development Agency of the Pilsen Region. We truly appreciate the help of all the participants of the relay pilgrimage and we would like to thank them for creating a wonderful atmosphere.

The Route of Jan Hus is a long-distance pilgrimage trek from Prague to Konstanz spanning over 800 km. The project is a proud member of the Routes of Reformation association and supports international cooperation among dozens of towns and organisations.