Traces of Reformation at Maretsch Castle in Bolzano (ITA)

RoR-President Detlev Geissler had a special appointment this June at Maretsch Castle in Bolzano / South Tyrol where he visited spectacular traces of Reformation.


Sometimes the traces of the Reformation are covered up and hardly visible. This is definitely the case at Maretsch Castle in Bolzano.

"Here, under the expert guidance of Dr. Anna Bernardo, I was able to view some interesting frescoes which bear witness to the conversion of the then (16th century) lord of the castle, Lukas Römer, to Protestantism", said Detlev Geissler and adds: 

"This hitherto hardly noticed testimony to Protestant history would be a great addition to the sites of the Reformation in Italy," after visiting the frescoes in June.

Maretsch is not only a most interesting castle, but also a well-known event location in the heart of South Tyrol's capital Bozen / Bolzano. Further information and the exact opening hours can be found online at