Martin Luther Church

Mursk Sobota, Slovenia / Slovenia

Martin Luther Church in Murska Sobota
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The Protestant church is located in the city centre on Martin Luther Allee. A magnificent view of the church can be seen from the city park. The brick facade is adorned by three towers and the middle tower forms the high bell tower. The interior of the church enchants with paintings, a window rose window and altar with a picture of Martin Luther. A visit to the neo-Gothic church in Slovenia's Protestant capital takes you back to the history of the 16th century, when reformers such as Jurij Dalmatin, Primož Trubar, Sebastjan Krelj and others laid the foundations for the Slovenian language. How much the language has changed over the centuries is something the locals will be happy to tell you. A special experience in the Evangelical Church in Murska Sobota are the music concerts. 

Martin Luther Church
Slovenska ulica 17
9000 Mursk Sobota, Slovenia

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