Subsidiary Church of St. Andrew

Velenje / Slovenia

Church Sv. Andrej in Šalek
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The parish was first mentioned in 1264, the church was first mentioned in 1243. The newer one was built in the 1st half of the 16th century (today it is preserved as an old part). The new church was built in 1940 and in the 1970s it was redecorated in its present form.

 This predecessor of the current church, which was built between 1510 and 1516, is first mentioned in 1436. It is supposed that the small bronze bell, bearing the year 1505, and a small statue from the 17th century, given as a vow, as well as a stone epitaph of the Protestant Rosina Ursula Raumschüssel was brought from the chapel of Šalek castle, and it has been on exhibit in the Velenje Museum since 1998. The tombstone is made of larger grain marble bearing the year 1626 (August 16) and was inserted into the north wall of the St. Andrej church in Šalek. Each side of the coat-of-arms is surrounded by a skull and crossbones, and the underside is supported by two angelic heads, which along with the text express firm hope in resurrection after death. Protestants often chiseled such symbols into their tombstones.

Subsidiary Church of St. Andrew
Šalek 24
3320 Velenje
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