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The Bethlehem Chapel
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  • Jan Hus (1370?–1415)
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Prague is a city full of memories of great figures and events linked with the Reformation. The most famous scholar whose destiny is linked with Prague is undoubtedly Jan Hus, rector of Prague’s university and preacher in the so-called Bethlehem Chapel. The small historical church in the centre of the city, St. Martin in the Wall, was the first temple where the communion under both kinds was served. Several victorious battles led by the Hussites, supporters of the revolutionary movement based on Hus’s ideas, were held in Prague (1420 – the Battle of Vítkov and Vyšehrad).

Also, the unusual act of defenestration took place in Prague, on the premises of the New Town Hall and Prague Castle. However, Prague’s most symbolic place of reformation is undoubtedly the Old Town Square. The most famous statue of Jan Hus is situated there, on the site of the execution of radical Hussite preacher Jan Želivský. The Old Town Square also houses remnants of the end of the Czech revolutionary effort, which ended with the defeat at White Mountain near Prague (1620) and the execution of Czech noblemen on the same square.

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