In retrospect: The RoR General Assembly on 18th October 2022 in Ceske Budejovice

15 members and 8 guests were present at this General Assembly. A guest message was brought to the Assembly by Miguel Ángel Martin Ramos as representative of Route Carlos V. and member of the so called Tast Force of ECRs, a second one was given later by Mr. Vlastislav Ouroda, Vice-Minister for Culture of the Czech Republic.


The assembly was chaired by Frank Lissy-Honegger, one of our Vice Presidents. In his report Detlev Geissler looked backed on the last 2 years. He underlined clearly: "We - the Board of Directors - are doing our best, as I am sure you are in your own jobs and businesses. In a total of 10 meetings of the Executive Board in the last 24 months – except one all online - we have mainly focused on the work plan 2020-2022. Also to mention the meeting of the steering committee in September 2021 – also online. A remarkable step forward is the newsletter. This communication tool gives us the chance to learn by and from each other in many respects – one important is knowledge transfer about educational activities for young people – for young Europeans."

The search for new members and to further promote the activities of the Route, especially on social media he marked as important..

„By changes in the statutes of RoR Ass. reg. we will gain the non-profit status according to German association law. They were approved later unanimously. Matouš Radimec, Routes of Reformation's treasurer gave an overlook regarding the current financial situation of our Route, before the Board was discharged for the last working period.

As future steps various cultural projects were discussed and a new working plan for the period 2023-2025 was presented and approved. It focusses on activities regarding the re-certification of the Route, gaining new members, digital communication and social media activities and the use of EU funding programmes. All board members were reelected for the next 2 years.