Jan Hus Birth House

Husinec / Czech Republic

Birth House of Master Jan Hus
Related personality
  • Jan Hus (1370?–1415)
  • Building

The birth house of Jan Hus became part of the building complex of Jan Hus Memorial. Jan Hus was born here in around 1371. The entire complex of three townhouses, an existing barn and a newly designed building serves mainly educational and cultural purposes (expositions, exhibitions, concerts, courses, workshops and more). The opening of refurbished Master Jan Hus Memorial, which includes the room where Jan Hus was born, was inagurated in May 2015. Many new expositions have been prepared and held so visitors and turists can have a closer look at the life and work of Master Jan Hus while they are using the modern multimedial exposition.

Jan Hus Birth House

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