Chanforan Monument

Angrogna / Italy

Chanforan Monument
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The monument is located in Odin at Val di Angrogna between Torre Pellice and Luserna San Giovanni, in the Pellice Valley. Chanforan is the transcription of the term “campo foraneo”, the place where the local fair takes place, a traditional event coming from the medieval period.

The site is important for Waldensian history because in 1532 it hosted a the Waldensian preacher’s assembly. In the debate, lasting for a week, the people also participated. The decision had a historical significance because it marked the entry of the medieval Waldensian movement to the Reformation. A significant initiation, in that circumstance was the publication of a French language translation of the Bible. As part of the commemorations that took place in 1932 in memory of that date, the inhabitants decided to mark the site with a monument.

Chanforan Monument

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