Waldensian Library

Torre Pellice / Italy

Waldensian district in Torre Pellice Library
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The Waldensian Library is managed by the Cultural Center Foundation and owns 85,000 volumes, 900 magazines, of which 165 are in publication, numerous manuscripts from the 1600s and more than 1500 Bibles.

It is a fundamental place for the study of Protestant history and theology, and Italian Evangelism. It joins the National Library Service and participates in the Waldensian Bibliography online project. Access to the library and the consultation of volumes, periodicals and other materials are free of charge. It was building in the 1889 in order to remember the glorious repatriation of waldensian in the valley on the 1689. In the same building there are: Library, museum, tourist office and thephotographic archives.

Waldensian Library
via Beckwith 3
Torre Pellice

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