City of Jawor


City of Jawor
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Lower Silesian City of reformation

Jawor is a town in south-western Poland. It is in the Lower Silesian Voivodeship. It is the seat of Jawor County, and were approximately 61 km west of the regional capital Wroclaw. In the town can be found a Protestant Church of Peace from Unesco Heritage list, Jawor Castle and Regional Museum.

City of Jawor

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Short info
The town of Domažlice is situated in the southern part of the Pilsen region, close to the border with Germany. It is located in the natural landscape of the mountain range called Český les (or the Bohemian Forest), which is known for its dense forest vegetation. It is the centre of an exceptional ethnographic area with specific folk traditions – Chodsko. The city is close to Pilsen (47 km).
It covers an area of 24.61 km2 and has a population of 11,233 people (2018).
The famous Hussite battle, which took place in 1431 on the nearby Baldov Hill, links the town of Domažlice with the Reformation. There is a 2km-long Sculpture Trail leading to the historic city centre that is dedicated to this important event. In addition, another reference to the Reformation is the Gloriet gazebo, which can be found near the village of Kout in Šumava. Domažlice covers an area of 24.61 km2 and has a population of 11,233 people (2018).
The town of Domazlice holds a well-known folk festival, called Chodské slavnosti, every year in August. A part of the programme is a traditional pilgrimage to the church of St. Lawrence and a special folk show. For more info visit: Information Centre Domažlice,
Road Transport
Domažlice is connected to the centre of the Pilsen region by road no. 26. This road continues to the highway to Prague or Germany. Domažlice is located close to the border with Germany, near the Folmava border crossing.
Domažlice can be reached by train from Pilsen, which departs every hour. There is also a train connection with the German city of Furth im Wald. The international express train from Prague (CZ) to Regensburg (DE) also stops in the town of Domažlice.
Bus transport
A regular bus service run by ČSAD departs from the main bus station in Pilsen.
The nearest international airport is Václav Havel Airport in Prague – district Ruzyne. There are bus lines that connect the airport to the main railway station in Prague, where a regular express train runs to Domažlice.
Our heritage
Historic buildings
The center of Domažlice houses a historic centre with burgher houses from the 14th to the 16th centuries. The remains of Gothic fortifications with medieval gates have been preserved here. There is a museum in the former castle, which focuses on the history of the area and its ethnographic uniqueness. Another interesting sight is the neo-Renaissance town hall and city tower, which dominates the main square. There are many churches and chapels directly in the city and surrounding areas. Visitors can also visit the exposition dedicated to the history of Chodsko in the nearby village of Újezd.
Natural attractions
Domažlice is surrounded by the Protected Landscape area of the Bohemian Forest. This area is characterized by low urbanization, contiguous forests and unspoilt landscape scenery. The highest mountain range is Čerchov. On the top of the mountain is an observation tower, offering a beautiful view of the whole area. The House of Nature, which is located in nearby Klenčí pod Čerchovem is dedicated to the nature of the Bohemian Forest.
The Sculpture Trail and the monument on Baldov Hill are open to the public all year round without any restrictions or fees.
For professional guidance or other information:
Information Centre Domažlice, nám. Míru 51, Domažlice
Tel.: +420 379 725 852
Mob.: +420 721 776 962

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