Ancestral seat of the family Luther

Möhra / Germany

Luther visits Möhra - Reenactment, Image: Pfarramt Möhra
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Martin Luther said often that he was born to lower standarts because his family consisted of farmers in the little town Möhra in Thuringia. Descendants live there till today.

The family of Luther is provable in the little village Möhra since the 14th century and descendants live ther till today. They had a big influence on the community. We would call them large farmers because they had more than one farm in the region. The grandparents of Martin Luther participated a time in the copper shale mining around Möhra.

An old rule said that the youngest son took over a farm. The elder brother Hans Luder had to get another livelihood. The father of Martin Luther was then married to Margarethe Lindemann, who was born to a bourgeois family in Eisenach. Her relatives had important positions in the mining area Mansfeld - Südharz. Till autumn 1483 the parents of Martin Luther lived in Möhra and settled over to Eisleben by economic reasons. A short time later Martin was born there.

The reformer visited his family in Möhra on his way back from the Reichstag in Worms in 1521 and preached in the village. Only 15km after Möhra Martin Luther got caught in the valley Glasbachgrund and was brought to the Wartburg.

Ancestral seat of the family Luther
36433 Möhra
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