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Scarcely any other name and place are so closely associated in the popular mind as Luther and Wartburg Castle.

Martin Luther knew the city of Eisenach from his school time because he spent four years at the parish school and lived with relatives or friends of the family during this time. The most important phase was the protective custody in 1521/ 22 at the castle Wartburg above the city. This time is best known for the most significant work of the reformation: the translation of the Bible to the German language.

On his way back from the Reichstag at Worms Luther stopped at Möhra, the hometown of his parents and got caught shortly after on May 4th, 1521 in the valley of Glasbach between Liebenstein and Ruhla. Elector Friedrich the Wise of Saxonia let attack Luther and bring him up to the Wartburg. Masked as knight Junker Jörg with a beard and suitable clothing Martin Luther stayed around ten months on this castle which was already widely known in the Middle Ages with Ludwig the Springer, Hermann I. of Thuringia and the Holy Elisabeth.

In December 1521 Luther began to translate the Bible from Greek to German. The success of his work is based on the special style of speech. It was the first not from Word-to-Word but analogous to the content. The used language was poetic and popular. Luther’s translation of the Gospels also started the standardization of the German language.

On March 1st of 1522 Martin Luther left the Wartburg and travelled back to Wittenberg because the reformation started to be more and more radical there. The first print of the “new testament” translated by Luther was published in September of the same year – known as “September Bible”.

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