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Reinhardsbrunn is part of the Luther Trail and invites guests to learn more about Luther and the history of the Reformation. It hosts an elaborate exhibition which teaches guests about Luther and Müntzer and about the Reformation in general.

Reinhardsbrunn was founded by Ludwig der Springer in 1085 as house monastery and burial place of the landgraves of Thuringia. 1228 Ludwig 4th, husband to the Holy Elisabeth was buried by his wife at the Benedictine monastery.

Martin Luther stayed at Reinhardsbrunn on his way to the Reichstag of Worms in 1521. On his was back to Wittenberg he was hijacked and brought to the castle Wartburg. Friedrich Myconius - reformer in Gotha - wrote in his history of the reformation that Luther visited the convent Reinhardsbrunn more tha once in the time he was taken into custody. On a hunting trip Martin Luther came near the monastery and knocked on the door. The monks let the knight Junker Jörg in and were really impressed by the knowledge of this man and his skills in religious discussions, but they didn't recognize the reformer.

In the Peasants War 1525 the convent was attacked by farmers and rebels.

In the 16th century the monastery was resolved and switched to a palace and headquarter. Duke Ernst the Upright (1601 - 1675) tried to establish an academy which should help to get over disputes between the denominations. The objection of the elector of Saxonia stopped the plans.

Luther Waypoint
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