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ReiseMission - an ecumenical tour operator located in Leipzig, Saxony - is a high recognized expert in study group travels and encounter trips in the field of reformation. In addition to Routes of Reformation ReiseMission is engaged in local associations such as German Luther Trail, Luther Trail 1521, Huguenot and Waldensian Trail.

The team of ReiseMission is be pleased to assist your group with any questions relating to organizing an eventful and enriching travel program, completely in accordance with your own ideas and wishes. ReiseMission guides you to world famous metropoles, holy sites and hidden cultural treasures of Germany and the entire old continent. Furthermore, travelling with ReiseMission you can benefit from the wide network of the company in church, society, and politics.

Discover with your parish, association, educational center, and choir the cultural and religious heritage of Reformation in Germany and Europe. Established and proven travel offers of ReiseMission in this area include topics such as:

  • German Luther Trail for hikers and non-hikers
  • In the footsteps of Martin Luther and Katharina von Bora in Germany
  • Strong women of reformation in Germany and Europe
  • Encounters with Waldensians in Piemont and Sicilia
  • In the footsteps of Huguenots in South France
  • Huguenots and Waldensians trail in Germany and Suisse
  • In the footsteps of Calvin in Suisse
  • In the footprints of Jan Hus through Czech Republic and at the Lake of Constance
  • In the footprints of Primoz Trubar in Slovenia
  • Way of the Book in Austria
  • Encounters with reformation parishes and evangelical diaspora across Europe
  • Pastor convent in Leipzig, including personal exchange with the Gustav-Adolf-Werk

Feel free to choose a specific topic and region or country that your group would like to explore and contact ReiseMission for the individual organization of your group travel. You are welcome to inquire at ReiseMission any other travel topic that may not be listed here. Benefit from the long-standing experience of ReiseMission as a tour operator specialized in religious study tours and pilgrimage, educational travels, concert and cultural tours in Germany and Europe.

The all-around travel service of ReiseMission includes:

  • Trip consulting and tailor-made travel program for groups
  • Booking of flight, bus, ship, hotel, and additional services
  • Professional guided tours in your native language, or in German or in English
  • Booking of admission tickets for theater, concerts, operas and musicals, museums, and special events if available
  • Organization of traditional tastings
  • Information leaflets, maps; templates for the advertisement of the trip
  • Organization of meetings with parishes, professional experts, choirs
  • Organization of public performances for choirs and orchestras
  • Free time for Mass, prayer, meditation etc.

ReiseMission from Leipzig is specialized on tours for groups of 20-90 participants, what assures together with a long-term planning of 1-2 years in advance the best conditions for the travel guests. But the tour operator is also pleased to assist smaller groups of 12-19 people and is open for short term planning, with a precondition of availability of hotels and requested services.

ReiseMission is committed to carbon-offsetting of its travels through the Klima-Kollekte (Climate Collection), a church compensation fund. Voluntary contributions from travelers go to climate protection projects in emerging and developing countries. The travel guests receive the necessary information for this together with the travel registration confirmation.

To protect the travel guests and the employees in the tourist service, all feasible trips of the ReiseMission during the COVID-19 pandemic are carried out in compliance with the respective hygiene and distance rules.

Feel free to contact ReiseMission for further details via e-mail or phone +49 341 308541-0 or Fax: 0341 308541-29 or visit its website:

ReiseMission GmbH
Jacobstraße 10
04105 Leipzig
e-mail address

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Additional touristic information

History and further travel topics of ReiseMission

ReiseMission, founded 1999 by Günter Grünewald, is an ecumenical tour operator located in Leipzig, Saxony.

Today´s expert in tailor-made group travelling has its origin in church work and pilgrimages to Israel and Holy Land. Following the high demand of parishes, ReiseMission expanded rapidly its offer to further church-related travels, study trips as well as city tours in Germany, Europe and more than 80 countries worldwide.

The starting point of the work of ReiseMission is the awareness that people are looking for the meaning and the values of their life. The travel service fulfills this request with appropriate themed offers, spiritually guided group tours and ecumenical encounters. The focus of all ReiseMission trips is the community, religion and culture of the host country and region, as well as possible encounters.

Except from the travels on the trail of reformation, ReiseMission offers other proven travels for Germany and Europe in such favourite topics as:
• Monasteries, cathedrals, places of pilgrimage
• On the trail of the Bible and in the footprints of Saints and Popes
• UNESCO heritage sites
• Palaces, castles, and gardens
• Encounters for parishes, pastors, educational establishments, and choirs
• Religious and secular art, music, literature, and architecture
• Cultural and event trips
• European Cultural Routes
• Pilgrimage for hikers and non-hikers
• Concert tours for choirs and orchestra with cultural sightseeing.

If you want to discover specifically Saxony, the home region of ReiseMission, the tour operator offers you eventful and exceptional sightseeing and enriching encounters possibilities in the following popular topics:
• In the footprints of Martin Luther and Katharina von Bora
• Luther Trail for hikers and non-hikers
• Reformation, its founders, and advocates (protagonist)
• Spiritual places, monasteries, cathedrals, and places of pilgrimage
• Via Sacra Trail for hikers and non-hikers
• In the footsteps of famous composers and musicians, e.g., Johann Sebastian Bach, Richard Wagner, Robert and Clara Schumann, Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy
• Cultural heritage, architecture and history of palaces, castles, gardens and winegrowing
• Intangible cultural world heritage of UNESCO: organ craftsmanship and organ music
• Choir trip with the possibility of public performance at the Saxon palaces and castles, and in the churches
• Pastor convents, e.g. in Leipzig or Saxon Switzerland
• Peaceful revolution 1989
• Industrial heritage of Saxony (including the art of printing, textile industry, porcelain production, car industry, mining and UNESCO World Heritage Site Erzgebirge Mining Region)

ReiseMission is open all year round from Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (except from public holidays in Germany and except from company holidays 24th-31st December).

Feel free to contact ReiseMission for further details via e-mail or phone +49 Tel.: 0341 308541-0 or Fax: 0341 308541-29 or visit its website

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