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Lutherstadt Wittenberg / Germany

Luther Trail
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  • Martin Luther (1483–1546)
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The Luther Trail has a total length of 3.000 km and moves across the area of Central Germany as well as three neighboring Federal States (Bundesländer). It aims at a twofold experience: a cultural experience because the trail is influenced by the history of the Reformation, and a spiritual experience since it is used for religious education and experience.

The cultural experience depends and orients itself on authentic places, which are connected to the life and work of Luther (such as churches, monasteries, castles etc). However, it also includes other locations that are connected to figures such a Melanchthon and Cranach. The path itself can be seen as spiritual experience as the path itself as it is being used by pilgrims and hikers alike. It is used by individuals as well as groups. The association Deutsche Lutherweg-Gesellschaft (DLWG) is well established in the cultural, touristic and political sphere, and manages the Luther path. It lobbies for and supports the development and cultural quality of its individual stations. Furthermore, it owns the rights to the path’s symbol: the Luther ‘L’. The Luther path and the association continuously strive to develop even further. However, it is a challenge to internationalize the path so that the Reformation itself as well as its value will remain an integral part of the present (education, culture, freedom and democracy) and will spread across the borders of Germany into all of Europe and beyond.

Luther trail
Collegienstraße 62
06886 Lutherstadt Wittenberg

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