Evangelic Augustiner Monastery

Erfurt / Germany

Evangelic Augustiner Monastery, Image: Augustinerkloster Erfurt
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Martin Luther studied theology after he had a special experience near Stotternheim/ Erfurt. Today the Evangelic Augustiner Monastery offers opportunities for events, accomodations, guided tours and a place for spiritual experiences.

From 1501 on Martin Luther studied at the University of Erfurt - currently the largest and the oldest one of Germany. He lived in the latin district in a student dormitory called Georgenburse. He completed his base studies of the seven free arts in 1505 with the title Magister Artium and shoul study law as his father wished for him.

Luther travelled back from his parents in Mansfeld and were surprised by a thunderstorm near Stotternheim. Full of fear and pain he took an oath in the "Gewittererlebnis": `Holy Anna, help me, I want to be a monk!` On the 17th of July 1505 Martin Luther became a part of the Augustinian monastery in Erfurt. Two years later he had his ordination in the cathedral of St. Mary and bagan to study theology.

A controversy in the convent led him to the Holy city of Rome for the only time in his life. He was sent there 1510/11 with a brother from their monastery to request a mediation by the head of the catholic church.

Evangelic Augustiner Monastery
Augustinerstraße 10
99084 Erfurt
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