St. Mary´s Church

Lutherstadt Wittenberg / Germany

St. Mary´s Church, Image: Lutherstadt Wittenberg Marketing GmbH/Johannes Winkelmann
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Many evidences of the Reformation can still be discovered in the St. Mary´s Church in Wittenberg. The reformer Martin Luther once preached here. Its pulpit has been preserved to this day and is on loan from the Lutherhaus.

Since 1512, St. Mary´s was Martin Luther's main place for preaching. As the oldest building in Lutherstadt Wittenberg, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The first evangelical church service was celebrated on Christmas 1521. In 1525 Johannes Bugenhagen, the first envangelical pastor, blessed Martin Luther and Katharina von Bora as a married couple. The first evangelical pastors were ordained and the German Mass was introduced. This is how this church became the “mother church of the Reformation”. This is where the tradition of evangelical church services in german language began, with congregational singing and with communion of the Lord's Supper in both forms (bread and wine). At the same time, the St. Mary´s Church is a treasury of art with numerous works from Lucas Cranach the Elder and Lucas Cranach the Younger. Today the St. Mary´s Church is the main lively place of worship for the evangelical church community in Wittenberg.

St. Mary´s Church
Kirchplatz 12
06886 Lutherstadt Wittenberg

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Opening Hours and prices:
Tuesday to Saturday 11.00 – 16.00
Sunday 12:00 – 16.00

Free entry
Guided tour: 4 € per person

Info: Photographing for private use - to protect the works of art without a flash - is possible with a photo permit of 2 €, which can be obtained at the city church information

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